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We are currently advancing along the following themes 

Theme 1 : Topological Spintronics and 2D Spintronics

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The emergence of topological quantum materials and 2D crystals (and their heterostructures) offers an exciting playground to explore novel spin physics, including spin transport, spin interactions with other parameters (orbit, topology, symmetry, etc).  These are the foundations of our effort to develop high-performance spintronic devices, new device concepts. 


 We are interested in the development of new degrees of freedom to control spin states, in energy-efficient and speedy ways that can meet next-generation applications in data storage and computing. 

Theme 2 : 2D Ferroic Structures and Devices

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Ferroic order (ferromagnetism, ferroelectricity) in reduced dimension, essentially 2D materials, may host exotic behavior that is not accessible in their 3D counterparts. Investigation of such behavior and related control paradigm can be insightful to both basic understandings and practical devices. 

Theme 3 : Memory and Computing Devices 


The development of artificial intelligence, industry 4.0, etc eventually relies on data-processing technologies that are much more powerful than existing technologies. We are interested in developing various spintronic devices, opto-spintronic devices that may lead to memory and computing devices to process massive data with tiny energy consumption. 

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